Art Car Parade – May 8, 2010

Houston held its annual Art Car Parade about two weeks ago. I had not attended last year’s events but I managed to get to downtown and witness the usual crazy looking vehicles. There were some repeats but most were new entries. Almost three hundred cars in all!!

In addition to the unusual looking cars, I managed to capture some pictures of several fetching young ladies. There was a reason for this actually! I only carried a 100 – 40 mm lens along with my Canon 50D SLR camera this time. This turned out to be too close-up of a telephoto lens and as a result I could not capture a wider view of the many cars that passed by my spectator location (corner of Bagby and Allen Parkway). Hence, I was unable to properly photograph many of the cars. So my back up plan was to photograph close-up views of several of the interestingly dressed ladies that accompanied the vehicles. I hope you still can enjoy the photos of those few cars I managed to photograph as well as the women who participated in this year’s Art Car Parade.
By the way, the picture above was particularly striking – both becuase I managed to get a clear focus and I also managed to compose the shot properly and – obviously – the subject looked quite nice! Hopefully Dan Denardo can comment. He runs a fine blog displaying his excellent photography.
The dragon car ….

The Dog Car …..

And the many women in this year’s parade. Here is what I shall call the Zebra Lady! Followed by many, many more fine looking ladies ….

The ‘stars’ of the parade were Houston’s Mayor, Annise Parker, and the parade’s honoree, Dan Aykroyd.

The lead vehicle in this year’s parade – the same car and the same woman as in 2008!!!

PS: Don’t forget, I’d much appreciate any and all comments!!

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