Autumn at Home – But Getting Ready to Travel!

Autumn in Houston! The high temperatures of the summer have vanished – mostly. The humidity is lower and the Holidays are approaching. And, after spending a month at home-sweet-home, I must soon pack up my suitcase and get ready to travel overseas yet again.

Earlier this week I attended a meeting on the 40th floor of one of our company’s two downtown buildings. This building has a history behind it: about a decade ago, Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling ran Enron from this same building and these two crooks had their executive offices on the same floor as where I took this picture of the Houston skyline. Naturally their offices are long gone (as is the company Enron which went bankrupt many years ago forcing the layoffs of hundreds of good employees). After my company bought up the former Enron headquarters building (reportedly for a fraction of its original cost and with some tax abatements thrown in by the city of Houston), we redesigned the entire building. Now the 40th floor is used only for meeting rooms. Still, this floor offers a vantage point which gives visitors one of the BEST views of downtown Houston anywhere! And to think that Enron conducted all its financial scams from this same floor just a few short years ago, well, its an amazing turn of events.

Fall in Houston! Yes, the above photo may appear to be a little silly but the it is the best I can come up with on short notice. I mean it to represent the changing of the seasons and the approaching end to yet another year that has simply FLOWN by so fast!
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In a few days I expect to leave home again and hope to resume posting from that location as time permits. Until then, happy travels!

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