Bakersfield, California (January 19 – 24)

Just returned from my recent trip and have a little time to report about the final segment of my combined business & personal trip to Central California. After a fantastic four days in San Luis Obispo (see my last post), I ventured south to Santa Maria (only for a few hours) and then to Bakersfield for the work-related assignment. I passed through a very little town along the way – Pumpkin Center!. I couldn’t resist the urge to photograph the city sign (above).

Bakersfield is quite different from Northern California. Folks are more conservative here (unlike in Marin County!!) and farming is a very vital part of the local economy. The entire city sits within the San Joaquin valley – home to many companies who grow much of the vegetables and fruit sold throughout the USA.

The famous sign near Buck Owens Street.

The most recent population sign ….

Taft, California – about an hour’s drive southwest of Bakersfield.

The West Kern County Oil Museum located in Taft, California. Sadly, it was closed the day I passed by (it’s open on weekends only).

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