Cabinda, ANGOLA (West Africa)

Greetings from West Africa! I departed Houston on Labor Day (some Holiday for me!!) aboard Atlas Air (flight 5Y100). It was wheels up at 11:08 am CDT and we landed in Luanda, Angola at about 6:55 am Angola time (12:55 am Houston time) – a mere 14 hours of flying time! Groan!! Then a one hour flight to Cabinda at 10:45 am followed by a one-hour bus ride into Malongo camp and then at 1:30 pm local time I staggered into my room and collapsed into bed for a short rest and then a shower.

It’s been an extremely busy work week for The Traveling Chemist. We work 12 hour days here – every day – with only a half day off on Sundays (like today, Sept. 12th). I shall post more later on during my visit to Malongo camp but wanted to share a few pictures of this particular trip with my loyal followers right now. Enjoy!!

A brand new soccer stadium here in Cabinda built in time for the recent soccer games in Africa.

A local swimming hole we passed by on the way from Cabinda airport to Malongo.

My flight to Luanda. Atlas Air is a cargo / freight airline company and this is their first venture into carrying passengers. I’m happy to report that the flight departed on time and the food served aboard was perfectly fine.
My flight route from Houston, Texas to
Luanda, ANGOLA >>>>>>>>>>

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