California Redux

Dear Readers:

Many of you (Dchem, “Weecheeky”, “World Wide”, Kristen, Daisy, Mandy and several others) have commented how you liked the photos I posted for my recent vacation in Sonoma California. Well … here are some more!

In addition to being a swell place to visit, California is definitely home to many, well, let’s say, different types of people!! In Sebastopol (where I stayed for 8 days), there is an artist who makes metal objects d’art. The one above, depicting a dog, is made entirely out of metal and is alondside Highway 12 leading into Sebastopol. Many more such objects can be found along Florence Avenue in Sebastopol.
Jack London’s grave in Glen Ellen. Honest!! That’s all there is!! Just a moss-coverd stone.

Too many wineries are springing up in Northern California! One problem: a lot of the apple orchards are being torn out and replaced with vineyards. Bye bye apples, hello grapes. Mind you, I like wine but I shall surely miss the delicious Gravenstein apples.

The seacoast at Bodega Bay. Nice sea air, lots of seagulls and if the season is just right, you can spot a whale way off the coast.

The vineyard at the Benziger Winery at Glen Ellen, California.
By the way, since time was so short, I had to forgo visiting San Francisco itself (except for driving thru it going to/from the SFO Airport). Besides, I’ve been to SF many times in the past and decided to focus on enjoying Northern California without the city life.
Again, thanks for all your many comments!! Keep ’em coming!! I’ll try to reply but since I have a day job it may take a while to find the time to type out a response.
– – – – – – – – – – –
PS: My next trip overseas will probably begin in about a month so stay tuned.

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