Doha, Qatar – More Pictures

Before leaving Doha, I managed to take a city tour (lasting only 3.5 hours) and would like to share these pictures. What really impressed me a lot about Doha is the diverse and unusual architecture scattered throughout this fine city! Have a look at some of the more strange looking buildings … along with a few other pictures.

These residences are actually called the “Zig Zag Buildings”!

Two rather strange looking buildings ….

This building looks like a bullet. My friend says it resembles something else … I won’t say what!

Almost to be completed, at the top of this structure will be a torch and a swimming pool!! (That’s what the tour guide said!)

A falcon – taken at the (what else) falcon market!

The vegetable market ……..

And the camel market ………

Another odd-ball object d’art along the road side …..

A most pleasant skyline indeed!

On Sunday (January 17th) I made the first of what will be a total of three lectures for this particular lecture tour. I gave my talk in front of 25 people that evening.

The next morning – no rest for the weary – I got up at 4:45 am and checked out of my hotel at 5:30 am and headed to the Doha Airport. I checked in to my flight to Bahrain which took off at 8:25 am and arrived in Manama at 8:50 am (exactly on time!). I cleared immigration (30 min. wait) and collected my luggage and met my driver and we proceeded over the King Fahad Causeway into the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.
NEXT POST: The road to Saudi Arabia and my visit to Saudi Aramco in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

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