Here Comes the Sun!!

One problem with summer here in the Middle East (besides the unrelenting heat): the sun rises too darn early in the morning!! In Eastern Kuwait, the sun rises shortly after 4 am at this point in the summer season!! To avoid being awakened by the sunlight streaming into my bedroom, I’ve had to resort to taping aluminum foil on both my bedroom windows (see picture above). This measure works reasonably well and blocks out about 70 – 80% of the sunlight.

Another problem – safety related – is the effect of the extreme summertime heat on automotive tires. Many many cars & trucks (see picture above) can lose their tires as a result of the heat built up by: (a) the usual friction between the tire and asphalt road surface and (b) the asphalt surface itself is way too hot as it bakes in the midday sun. The result is often: (a) the tires blows out or (b) the tires unravles and completely peels off its metal rim. Either way, the driver may lose control of the vehicle. Every driver needs to check his/her tires regularly for cracks and replace the tires often. The cost of replacing all four tires is well worth the benefits of avoiding accidents!!

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