Images from Angola – West Africa

Today is a Sunday (May 3rd) and so we only have a half day of work. I was invited to a BBQ where I was treated to some excellent fillet steak along with beans and potatoes. Mmmmmmmm good!

Thanks to the slow Internet connection over here, I can only take time to upload two (2) photos – both unedited because I have no access to image editing software (no cropping or altering the contrast, etc.). So this will have to suffice for now, dear readers, until I return to home-sweet-home and can then upload a dozen or so more pictures for your delight. In the meantime, I hope you will find these two images of interest:

Bat City!! If you click on the photo and look carefully at the dead tree stumps, you will see dozens of fruit bats clinging to the tree, hanging upside-down!!

Looking out from my office window this is what I gaze upon!! Is this a view or what??!! So far, the weather has been generally warm/hot and fairly humid. Since I arrived over a week ago, there has been no rain ….. but that is fine with me. Rain can be very heavy at times (when it rains it pours). FYI: I am told the “dry season” starts on May 15!
And now it’s off to my room for a rest. Until next time …..

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