Last Weekend in Kuwait (Aug. 7 & 8)

Well, time sure has flown by! I’ve been here in Kuwait for almost three (3) weeks and it is almost time to return to home-sweet-home! But I managed to squeeze in one more nice weekend. I liked my visit to AVENUES last weekend that I chose to return again on Friday (Aug. 7). After the usual weekly grocery shopping, I ventured over to the new ENGLISH TEA LOUNGE (near the east end of the mall) with the hope of indulging in some nice tea and biscuits. However, I was rather disappointed when I read on their menu that there was a minimum per person charge of 6 KD (ca. $21 USD!!). Mind you I like fine tea but in view of the fact that it was almost time for lunch, I decided to pass this place by and instead opted for a decaf Americano at Dean & Deluca (see last week’s post for details) for only 1.2 KD!

The new English Tea Lounge at AVENUES mall (near the intersection of the 5th Ring Road and Hwy 55).

After leaving the Avenues mall, we drove along the 5th Ring Road and passed by these water towers. Water is often considered to be more valuable than oil here in the Middle East and so it is no wonder they make these towers rather attractive.

I arrived at the new (3 years old) Holiday Inn in Salmiya at about 11:45 am and there I met a good friend for lunch at the hotel’s Chinese restaurant – Tang Chao.

A rather attractive wall mural adorns the entrance lobby of the Holiday Inn.

This is where I had lunch on Friday. Cost for today’s meal at Tang Chao was about 10 KD ($35 USD) per person.

Across the street from the Holiday Inn is a very distinctive looking mosque.

Have you ever seen a pink building before??!! Well I have now! (This unusual building is located near Fahaheel.)

Another interesting looking building.

The temperature gauge in my car last Thursday afternoon! The outside temperature was 50 deg C (or 122 deg F)!!! Now that’s HOT!!

One of the cats I have been feeding chicken finally got up the nerve to come close enough to me to allow me to snap a nice picture of him lounging right outside the door to my apartment.
Replies to Comments:
Dan (& all the Other Followers Who Can’t Believe It’s Really 122 deg F!!): YES … Kuwait (and the rest of the Middle East) really is HOT in the summer time!! Takes a lot of getting used to and staying properly hydrated! I wear a wide-brimmed hat and UV-protective sunglasses and SPF 85 sunscreen when outdoors (usually for periods that do not exceed 15 minutes).

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