Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Merry Christmas to everyone! For your information, we are having a very warm winter here in Houston. Today’s temperature was about 74 deg F!! It just doesn’t feel like Christmas. At any rate, it sure feels great not having to go through airports especially with all the winter weather causing havoc at the main airports in Chicago, New York, etc. Staying home is not so bad! I’ve had a pleasant time at the area malls. (Madame Lefty: I agree with you – Memorial City Mall is really nice. For reasons I can’t explain, I found the Galleria mall to be not as nice as I remembered from prior visits. The Galleria didn’t have quite the holiday “feel” to it this time around.) And I took in the new movie – Valkyrie – today and was pleasantly pleased with the historical accuracy of the facts presented. I recommend this film to those who like WWII-themed movies.

Oh well, that’s about it for now. I will leave you with the following pictures of some of the Holiday decorations that I have managed to spot throughout the Houston metro area. Enjoy!!

And Merry Christmas!!

My favorite house in the Houston metro area … this home has the most decorations that I’ve spotted in the past two weeks. Yes, I suppose all these balloons can seem a bit silly, but what the heck – it sure looks different.

Not too bad – a good runner up as home decorations go.

Plain and simple – wooden reindeer. I suspect these decorations are quite old and predate all the balloon-like figures we see nowadays.

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