New Orleans!!

I had a wonderful time in New Orleans attending the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) annual Corrosion conference. It provided me with a chance to reconnect with colleagues, learn new technical information, attend some interesting papers (as well as endure a few really boring papers), have some nice meals and pick up a few “gimmies” from the exhibition area!

A VERY rusty pipe symbolizes the goal of the NACE Corrosion Conference – namely, corrosion prevention!!

No – I really did not gamble! I just passed by Harrah’s every day on my way to the New Orleans Convention Center.

A New Orleans street car. Actually, this one runs past the “Riverwalk” mall. The famous St. Charles street car (the one memorialized in the movie “Streetcar Named Desire“) is about a mile away from this line.
PS: I stayed at the Windsor Court Hotel – it is an EXCELLENT hotel! Expensive, for sure, but it has some very nice rooms. Suggestion: get a room on the city side – NOT the river side.

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