North to Alaska – My First Visit to Our Nation's 49th State!!

Greetings from Anchorage, Alaska! (My first visit to the great state of Alaska!!!) I arrived here from Houston on Wednesday (Sept. 9) after a 7 hour flight. After some work on Thursday, I had two fun-filled days available to play tourist and take in some of the most wonderful scenery in America!! I will share just two photos in this post but will take more time later to share some additional photographic gems.

FYI: I am on a multi-city lecture tour starting with Anchorage. Once I start my first lecture (Monday, Sept. 14 is Day 1), it will be a different city each day so I am sure I will be rather tired and ragged and hence may not have time to blog until AFTER my entire lecture tour is completed. In the meantime, I hope all of my loyal followers will have patience. And wish me luck – I hope I have smooth flights and no missed connections all the way.

The bald eagle – symbol of the USA.

The face of the Blackstone Glacier in Prince William Sound off the coast of Kenai Peninsula (about a 1.5 hour’s drive SE from Anchorage).
Replies to Comments:
John: Breathtaking indeed!! And, yes, it sure was cool standing on the deck of the boat! The tour guide explained that glaciers have their own weather. The prevailing outdoor temperature in Alaska that week was in the 50’s (ca. 10 deg C) but at the face of the glacier I’d have to estimate it was in the 40’s F (ca. 5 deg C). Still it was worth taking the time and making the effort to visit a glacier!

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