On the Road Again – Middle East Here We Come!!

Frankfurt International Airport: Crossroads of the World!!!

Greetings from Frankfurt!! I flew in early this morning – tired as usual. As much as I travel you would think I might have finally learned the trick of being able to sleep on a plane but no such luck!! After more than thirty (30) years of travel I still cannot drop off to sleep while flying. As a consequence, I arrive at my destination a veritable ‘basket case’! The only way I try to counteract this affliction is to split up my journey into two parts. Hence the layover tonight here at Frankfurt. I booked a nice room at the Sheraton Hotel which is just a five minute walk from the arrival hall at Terminal 1 here at Frankfurt Airport.
My one comment about Frankfurt’s airport is that it is so HUGE! Maneuvering thru the maze of gates and terminals can get complicated. Still, when I look at the main flight departure sign (pictured above), it gives me a feeling of truly being at a major crossroads where literally thousands of people cross by every day – probably every hour!!
Anyway, today’s plan is for yours truly to get some badly needed rest tonight (hopefully) and then tomorrow it’s off to the Middle East – yet again!! I shall keep everyone posted as always.

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