Return to KUWAIT; Summer Sunshine

Photo: A reflection of my plane taxiing towards the
main runway at Frankfurt Airport

I boarded LH 636 at 3:40 pm local time on June 1 and it was wheels up at precisely 4:30 pm. We landed in Kuwait at 10:23 pm Kuwait time (one hour ahead of Frankfurt) – almost 5 hours flying time. Outside temperature = 39 deg C (102 deg F)!! After a one hour drive to my company’s camp, I arrived at my local residence at 12:10 am – extremely tired (one of the down sides to international travel!!).

A map on board my flight showing the route we took to Kuwait.

My last legal drink prior to arriving in Kuwait (Kuwait is officially a “dry” country): a South African white wine. Very nice.
After a few days of work and getting caught up on my jet lag, I will endeavor to make more postings from over here. Stay tuned …. and please keep those comments coming!

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