Second Weekend in Kuwait (November 14 & 15)


We made the 90 km drive into downtown Kuwait City (about 60 mins.). After making my usual stop at The Sultan Center for my weekly supply of groceries, it was on to Starbucks at the Sharq Mall (see above photo). Thank goodness THIS Starbucks has not been closed down!!

Final stop was at the Sheraton Hotel where I had lunch at Riccardo’s – an Italian themed restaurant. Fancy place with excellent food – see the photo of my salmon lunch.

Total expense: 15 KD (about $55 USD); expensive but darn well worth it!! Mmm – mmm good!!!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Lunch today was a more restrained affair. Hardly gourmet dining! We stopped at the local Pizza Hut. The only high point of the day was a mini-crisis that transpired right outside my house. A pair of kittens were chased up a tree in front of my residence by a barking dog. Both kittens were meowing all morning and looking down at me with a sad look that seemed to say “What do we do now?”
The Mother cat was off to the side (with another one of her kitties) looking on and presumably coaxing them to just get over their reluctance to jump out or climb down from the tree!

Finally – after about 5 hours – they were all gone so I shall presume that Mother and kitties have been reunited and all is well again in Kuwait!! Now if I can only get my local Starbucks to reopen ….

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