Still "Grounded" at home but enjoying it! May I Interest You in Houston's Newest Library??

As my good friend in New York noticed the other day, the Traveling Chemist is still “grounded” at home in Houston. Well, to be candid, I don’t mind spending some time at home and in fact it is often what I secretly wish for on the eve of every long-distance international trip and especially after being away from home for a particularly long period of time. Being home affords me time to address all those pesky chores that crop up during the year and which I’ve had to put off while I was away from home. And, with all these ‘monster’ snow storms affecting airline schedules during these winter months, I just as soon avoid the airports anyway! As one wise friend once commented: Christmas is the time of the year when people who normally don’t travel, travel. I don’t know about you, dear followers, but THAT is exactly the time of year I DON’T want to travel!! (Avoid all those crowds!)

Meanwhile, in my attempt to keep alive the interests of my loyal followers who are checking in here daily or weekly to see and read about my travel exploits, I will at least try to post some pictures that will have an admittedly local focus about my life at home for the Holidays in Houston (my home city for the past 32+ years). But, dear followers, please stick around! Next month is promising to be more active with an international trip planned for mid-January. In the meantime, can I interest you in details about Houston’s newest library???? Then read on …..

On Thursday, December 17, there was a “pre-opening” celebration at Houston’s newest library – the Kendall Library branch on 609 N. Eldridge Parkway. It is the only branch library with three floors, a gymnasium and a drive-thru window! The current Kendall branch along Memorial Drive will be officially closed in February and all its books will then be moved to this new building.

Well, I can’t conclude this posting without at least one picture of the Holiday paraphenalia appearing outside many of Houston’s homes. The one above depicts a snowman.

Don’t worry – no one was actually hurt here. Just one family’s idea of a humorous “decoration”. This model allegedly shows someone having just fallen off the roof while stringing up some Christmas lights!

Ah well, apologies to anyone who might be offended …… but with such a weird company name (might there be a company called “Gigolo“??), I simply could not resist capturing this photo while on the way to the barber in Bellaire last Saturday.

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