Sunrise Over the Arabian Gulf

The exact moment the sun peered over the horizon at precisely 6:05 am. I may have adjusted the colors and brightness incorrectly when using Photoshop Elements to edit the raw JPG file but this view is about as good as it gets. A nice scene to wake up to every morning!

PS: A loyal follower, John, asks: Is the sand on the beach clean? The sea (or rather, gulf) looks calm. Does it ever get rough? ANSWERS: (a) The sand is very clean! However, I wear waterproof “beachshoes” to avoid cutting my feet on sharp shells; (b) The Arabian Gulf is generally quite calm. On a windy day, the waves may get as high as one foot (30 cm). During the summer, the water temperature is a most pleasant 80 – 85 deg F (30 deg C).

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