Texas Wildflower Season

Well, I suppose I should file this posting under the heading of “What to do When I’m Not Really Traveling!” I sincerely hope I am not boring my loyal followers with these “non-traveling” posts but, hey, I actually enjoy a respite by not hanging out in airports, taking off my shoes, going through security lines at airports, hasseling with rude gate agents, putting up with flight delays, jet lag, paying exorbitant prices for what-used-to-be-free luggage, etc. etc. Still, while I enjoy not having to go on a really long trip …. I still want to get out of the confines of the four walls of my humble abode and see something new.

So, I managed to get away from the apartment for a few hours about two weekends ago (April 16th to be exact) and take in the magnificent Texas wildflowers that annually spring up in the “Hill country”, about a hour and a half drive west of Houston. I drive along Highway 290, then north along FM 1155 and there they are. Some of Mother Nature’s finest flowers ever! I hope you will enjoy these photos and, as always, all comments are appreciated!! Really!

Blue bonnets galore ….

The red-colored flowers are named Indian Paintbrush.

Chappell Hill marks the start of the Blue Bonnet road tour. I turn off of 290 at this location and then head north along FM 1155 with my trusty Canon 50D digital SLR camera ready for action.

What better place to have lunch after an exhausting road trip than at the Must Be Heaven restaurant located right in the center of Brenham, Texas. Pleasant atmosphere, reasonably priced food …. but a looooong line to get seated at lunch time! I took me 25 minutes before I could place my order.

When I returned home at about 3 pm, I found this fellow had bloomed during the day right outside my apartment door!!

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