The Looooooong Road Home!!

Well, it finally came!! The time to return to home-sweet-home. I departed Kuwait International Airport and flew to Dubai on Wednesday morning. Only one small problem …. thanks to heavy fog in Dubai, my flight from Kuwait was delayed two hours. Thankfully, I arrived in mid-afternoon and checked into the new Intercontinental Hotel (Festival City) – the same hotel I stayed at following my flight over to the Middle East at the end of January. The following day (Thursday, March 6), I then boarded Emirates 211 and settled in for the 16 hour-10 minute flight from Dubai to Houston. A long time to sit and do nothing but it sure beats having to go through Heathrow or Frankfurt! Our plane (Boeing 777-200 LR) took an unusual polar route which started over the mountains of Iran, then over Moscow, and continuing over extreme northern Norway, northeastern Greenland, the Northwest Territories in Canada, the central USA and finally into Houston. Lastly, a slow, 1.5 hour ride by taxi through a heavy rain shower and I was finally home!!

Now I must rest a few days. The older I get the harder it is for my body to adjust to the time shifting. It takes me about one day for every hour of time shift. Since Kuwait is 9 hours ahead of Texas time, I need about one week to fully recover from the dreaded effects of ‘jet lag’. But at least I am home and in my own bed, eating out at my favorite restaurants, visiting with friends, hanging out at all my favorite places, etc. As Dorothy said at the end of The Wizard of Oz: “There’s no place like HOME“!!

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