UPDATE on Starbucks Closure in Al Zour, Kuwait

UPDATE: Regarding the closure last month of the Starbucks nearest my work site in Al Zour, Kuwait (reference my earlier posting in November), a trusted Saudi colleague informed me yesterday that the Al Zour Starbucks is STILL CLOSED!! Honestly, I wonder what is going through the minds of the local Kuwaiti authorities when they closed this shop down ostensibly because the owner simply needed some paperwork! It really sends a bad signal to the world. When I stopped by the place on the last weekend it was open (way back in November), it was packed – both inside and outside. I only wish they settle this mess and reopen the place before my next anticipated return trip!! As the Saudis and Kuwaitis would say – “Inshallah(translation: “if Allah wills it”).

PS: I fully realize this topic may not concern many of my followers, but I am sure that Cheryl – who just signed on as one of my followers and is a self-confessed “coffee addict” – may wish to take note! 🙂

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