Weekend in Kuwait (July 19 & 20)

Entrance to the City Center Mall in Salmiya, Kuwait; my first stop on Friday morning.

A rather large (Wal*Mart sized) grocery store; this one located in the Salmiya district of Kuwait and part of the City Center mall. This store freatures a very large selection of goods but does NOT sell many of the USA-based products which we American expats have come to expect at the Sultan Center chain of stores. This was my first stop on Friday morning. I prefer to go out on Friday as the traffic is light and the “Kamikazies” (careless drivers, overspeeders, etc.) are off the roadways.

Al-Manshar Mall in Fahaheel, Kuwait – about 40 minutes north of Al-Zour where I am housed. This mall opened about two years ago. Still nice and clean. I briefly shopped here on Saturday.

A shrine of photos at the Radisson SAS Hotel showing evidence of the damage suffered by the hotel following the Iraqi invasion in 1991. The Sheraton Hotel in downtown Kuwait City also has a similar display in their lobby.

The Peacock – an excellent Chinese restaurant. Located in the lobby of the Radisson Hotel, this is where I ate on Friday afternoon following my weekly grocery shopping at the City Center Mall (pictured above).

My next stop (after grocery shopping) on Friday morning was at the Marina Mall (opened in 2002) where I visited my favorite coffee shop – Starbucks. Starbucks has the only really nice decaffeinated coffee.

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